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Concrete Stamped Patios

Having a stamped concrete patio adds beauty to the exterior of your home. This type of patio gives you the look of a stone patio, flagstone, slate, wood, tile, cobblestones, or even brick, depending on your desires. A concrete stamped patio is low maintenance since it is not a real stone patio, thus saving you the money to replace stones, or repair grout, along with other maintenance issues you might occur if it were a true stone patio. A stamped concrete patio is commonly known as a concrete slab that has a textured surface. After the concrete slab is poured, a pattern is pressed into the surface while it is still soft. For added effects, the concrete can be mixed with color, or color sprayed on the surface after it has been stamped.

The cost for concrete stamping depends on what you want. There are many factors to take into consideration.

  • Size of concrete slab
  • Thickness
  • Pattern style
  • Single color
  • Contrasting colors
  • Borders
  • Labor
  • Layout height and slope
  • Area preparation
  • Cost of materials

Having a stamped concrete patio will make a great impression to the homeowner. Not only do they look realistic, but the durability is permanent. They are more economical and cost effective. The flexibility in the design is one of the reasons for the popularity of a stamped concrete patio. By having this type of patio, you can achieve almost any type of look you can imagine. By doing so, it will complement the other architectures around your home, and will help enhance all types of landscapes.